Weight loss is very good and ideal for an Individual to keep fit as well as improve in beauty. But most people are so desperate to lose their weight that all they care is instant results. And the systems which promises such results are been highly sought after. Unfortunately, they are not medically advisable systems, why?


Imagine breaking a wall you personally built for 3 months, For you to be able to break it in one hour, you will require 10-100 times as much power or strength when compared to using maybe a week to do the same thing. This is also applicable to losing weight. Some individuals have accumulated fats for about 10-20 years and yet want to lose everything in 3 weeks? This is ridiculous! Weight loss is very good but such a rapid one has its own complication.


From the illustration above, without an aid like a machine or more people, you may not be able to break the wall, or you may break some part and give up or you may even collapse trying. The liver is responsible for the beta-oxidation of fats; hence burning excess fats rapidly overworks it. This can cause accumulation of fats on the liver cells and if the work rate reduces, Liver function is impaired too). This may lead to fatty dystrophy or also accumulation of cholesterol in the liver, causing the inhibition of gall bladder emptying bile and hence gall stones. Other complications such as kidney failure, stroke and even heart failure might arise.


Rapid weight loss not only burn excess fats, but these excess fats are stored in muscle tissues and hence some muscle tissues are been metabolized or broken down alongside the fats. Calcium ions tend to dissociate from bones for body metabolism and therefore causing Osteoporosis.


Excess fats are also stored under the dermal layer of the skin, so skin tissues could be broken down as well, weakness results and a very gradual disfiguration of the face. This disfiguration can be very obvious in women of age 50 and above.


After weight Loss Therapy, most individuals do not continue or at least engage in regular exercise again. This will result to another process of fats accumulation. Which will again bring about added weight. Thereby rendering all efforts to be useless.


It is very unnatural to use 20 years to gain weight and use 4 weeks to reduce it. You’ll see testimonies of people whom have lost about 25-30kg in 4-5 weeks. It could be an advert strategy anyway. But no matter what it is, that is medically disastrous. If you want a healthy and steady system of loosing weight, it should be a system which enables you to loose not more than 2kg per week. So that, by the time you want to shed off 20kg, you will be doing this in 10 weeks. This system enables your body to adjust and adapt well, leaving your liver to function without stress; avoiding extra catabolism of vital body substances and as well give you enough time to get used to the system so that even after the therapy, you can at least be able to continue in a lesser frequency to maintain your body state.


Do not get overwhelmed by adverts. Take your time to choose which system you want to use and ensure that it is medically safe for you. Do the right thing to take care of yourself.


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